"Let's get sustainable!" MC Lars

We are happy and proud to say we are the first in Sayulita to offer truly eco-friendly accommodation.

Many supposed eco hotels call themselves eco and yet have air conditioning and a big screen TV in every room. And what about that huge swimming pool with the pool pumps, the chemicals etc that go into the water. Sorry, that's not eco. And a room with a palapa roof or the occasional iguana in the back yard doesn't make it eco ( but BTW we have both).

At Casa Buena Onda we have worked hard to try and provide as eco-friendly accommodations as we can. We started with small things and have been improving ever since. Our philosophy is simpler is better, organic is better and less impact is better. This manifests itself in a combination of things - using what Mother Nature provides in it's simplest forms, changing our daily habits, using science and technology, inventing what we need and trial and error.

People, Prosperity, and Planet - it is possible to have it all. We feel that experimentation and discovery are part of the process, and as life-long learners we are happy to try new things, to share with others and to help make things better along the way. Becoming sustainable can be a fun and interesting trip.

Here are some of the main things we have focused on to provide eco-lodging for our interested guests:

Solar Powered Electricity - Renewable Electricity From the Sun


Your accommodation is solar-powered! All of the electrical power for our guests comes from a series of solar panels mounted on the roof - our own Photovoltaic (PV) System. This provides approx 2 kwh of electricity per day which matches or exceeds the total consumption per day of our 3 guest rooms. During the day the solar panels provide electricity and charge a series of batteries for use during the evenings.

It works almost seamlessly, if we didn't tell you, you wouldn't notice any difference. If you would like more info about how it works we will be glad to show you.

Solar Oven - Cooking Using Solar Power

We have been experimenting with different types of DIY solar ovens. Right now we have 2 that work quite well. From time to time we offer our guests fresh cooked solar cookies or bread right from the solar oven. You can also make stews. When you stay with us you are more than welcome to try cooking or baking something - you provide the ingredients, we provide the solar oven.

Organic Vegetable Garden


Growing vegetables is a little harder than we thought - and more work. But the rewards are worth it. Using organic compost from our own compost pile, as well as compost purchased from the local school, our rooftop garden produces a nice selection of fresh vegetables, herbs and spicy chiles. This year we are going to try and get 2 harvests - planting seeds in November, harvest in January, then plant again in February to have fresh veggies in May.

Environmental Management and Eco-Policies

Being an eco hotel covers several main categories: energy, water, recycling, conservation, community and education. Besides the items listed above we have implemented the following to reduce our impact and better conserve and protect:

  • we use highly efficient on-demand heaters for hot water
  • much of the accent and garden lighting are smaller solar powered systems
  • we utilize CFLs (compact fluorescent lighting) or LED lights
  • other lights and appliances are on timers or light or movement detection switches
  • no power hungry AC - rooms are cooled by ceiling fans and natural breezes/natural passive cooling
  • installed high-efficiency appliances
  • low-flow faucets, showers and toilets have been installed throughout Casa Buena Onda
  • we repurpose or reuse as many items as possible in order to extend their life
  • we salvage and creatively upcycle items we have found.
  • we recycle and offer recycling containers for our guests
  • we compost coffee grounds, food scraps, and plant material
  • we have a rooftop organic vegetable garden
  • we participate in beach and street clean-ups
  • we have also given workshops to local mexican schoolkids on electricity and renewable energy.
  • we provide to our guests cruelty-free, eco-friendly soaps, gels and shampoos
  • at Casa Buena Onda we ask our guests to reduce their impact by turning off lights, fans, etc and reuse towels when possible.
  • we also ask our guests to reduce or not use plastic water bottles but use refillable bottles.
  • we provide laundry lines for drying clothes and surf gear using the sun.


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