Sayulita is one of the best places in the world to surf. The surf breaks are literally right downtown. The waves are great for all skill levels including beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers.

Two of the most famous Mexican surf champions, Calle Carranza and Diego Cadena, have come from Sayulita.

We cater especially to surfers looking for a clean, comfortable and relaxing place to stay while experiencing some great waves. There are 2 main breaks good for longboards or shortboards. If you are interested we can guide you to several other great surf spots that are a accessible by car or boat. We can also help you with surf lessons and surfboard rentals in Sayulita.

Staying at Casa Buena Onda means you can just walk down to the beach in 4 minutes. You don't need a car, there are plenty of waves and surfers in the water respect each other and prefer a tranquilo, "surfing is fun" vibe.

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You can rent boards on the beach for a day or week and there are lessons from friendly instructors available. To rent a board you usually need a drivers licence and Pesos or credit card. We can recommend a surf shop for you.

Beginner Rental Boards - for beginners, start with a foam board. They are long and thick, easier for catching waves, and because they are made of foam, safer for you and other surfers around you.

Intermediate/Advanced Surfers - Epoxy and Fiberglass boards in different lengths are available.

Renting a longboard is never a bad choice in Sayulita. Unless you are a good surfer the longer board you can get your hands on the better. With a longboard you will catch more waves more often and have more fun.

Average Board Rental Prices

Hour - $5 USD
Day - $20 USD
24 hours - $30 USD
Weekly - $150 USD


Surf lessons usually last about 90 minutes and include the use of a rental board and rashguard.

Lessons are a great idea to help you get started or improve your current ability.


A typical lesson teaches:

  • Surf Ettiquette and Safety - how to not get yelled at.
  • How to paddle and manuever your board
  • How to read and catch a wave
  • How to stand and ride the wave

Average Surf Lesson Prices

Individual lesson: $55 USD
Group lessons: $40 USD per person

Surf Tips


The main break in Sayulita is a right peeling wave right in front of town. Picture yourself catching long rides from outside all the way to beach. One area further over from this main break has mellower waves and sandy bottom - this is where the beginners can get started. Perfect for kids too.

The second break is a "left". It is on the north side of Sayulita near the campgrounds. This is a faster breaking wave, with strong rip currents and rocks. This area is best for experienced surfers.

The best months of the year are December to early April but waves break all year long, even in summer.

There are many other excellent breaks only a 10-15 minute car ride away that sometimes offer better waves and/or less crowds. Boat trips for the ultimate surfari are also easy for us to arrange.

We go surfing all the time so we are happy to see you get some waves!

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